Don’t You Trust Me?: Bola’s Hidden Burden by Evalyn Oloo , Javan Christian

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In this captivating story, Bola, a frustrated 13-year-old boy, navigates the challenges of primary school and his complex family dynamics. He finds solace in using his mother’s phone to connect with friends on social media. Bola’s distrust of adults stems from broken promises in the past, and his household is filled with intense conversations and clashes. His spirited younger sister, Zola, adds to the dynamics, unafraid to confront others.

As the narrative unfolds, Bola’s encounters and experiences shape his understanding of himself and the digital world. He connects with an unknown girl named Charm4 on social media, and their relationship evolves into a daily obligation that he must hide from his mother. The strain on his academic performance and well-being becomes apparent, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Amid personal struggles, Bola’s actions lead to conflicts that challenge his moral compass. The story delves into the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and the importance of honesty and accountability. Bola’s journey highlights the risks and pitfalls of the digital realm and emphasizes the significance of cybersecurity and responsible technology use.

Throughout the story, Bola’s interactions with friends and encounters with online relationships expose him to the dark realities of the online world. As the consequences of his choices unfold, Bola finds himself isolated and engaging in disruptive behavior at school, spiraling deeper into despair.

This thought-provoking narrative explores the complexities of teenage life, the challenges of navigating the digital world, and the importance of understanding the implications of online interactions. It serves as a cautionary tale, aiming to engage and educate teenagers about cybersecurity and responsible digital citizenship.

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