Lulu Learns

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Beautifully illustrated artwork
Teaches the importance of kindness and generosity
Celebrates Black history and culture
Perfect for Black History Month
Great for story time at home and in school
Trusted by schools and teachers
Written by Ronke Giwa-Onafuwa &amp, Tobani Onafuwa. Illustrated by Tiolu Yoloye

In ‘Lulu Learns to Be Grateful,’ young readers will follow Lulu’s journey as she receives a gift that doesn’t quite match her expectations. Through this relatable experience, Lulu discovers the true value of gratitude and learns that there are more important things in life than material possessions. This endearing story will encourage children to appreciate the joys and blessings surrounding them.

In ‘Lulu Learns to Speak Up,’ children will embark on an empowering adventure alongside Lulu as she confronts a bully and finds her voice. Lulu’s courageous journey teaches young readers the importance of standing up for themselves and others, instilling them with confidence and resilience. This empowering tale fosters a sense of assertiveness and helps children understand the significance of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

With its captivating narratives and engaging characters, Lulu Learns is the perfect book to spark your child’s imagination and nurture valuable life lessons. The enchanting illustrations bring Lulu’s world to life, immersing young minds in a visually stunning reading experience.

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