Make Brilliant Work by Rod Judkins

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How do we rate work?
It’s good, it’s bad or it’s brilliant.
What response does your work usually get? Be honest.
This book will help you make your work brilliant.

You don’t have to be brilliant to produce brilliant work. Many of the characters you will meet in this book failed at school, lacked natural talent, were not especially gifted or were repeatedly sacked. But their methods produced brilliant work – and they will work for you, too.&nbsp,Make Brilliant Work&nbsp,is the essential book from Rod Judkins, author of the international bestseller&nbsp,The Art of Creative Thinking.

Whether you are a business or an individual, you might find it hard to produce something significant and important. The real-life heroes in this book will show you how to make the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary. From Roald Dahl to Steven Spielberg, and star architect Zaha Hadid: the figures in&nbsp,Make Brilliant Work&nbsp,will show you how to think for yourself, take risks and persevere to create brilliant work.

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