Quit by Annie Duke

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We are often told that the secret to success is hard work, grit, and hours of practice. But in a world that’s changing at lighting speed, what if the really crucial skill is actually knowing when to do stick at it and when to change track, to cut your losses and walk away?

QUIT makes the under-appreciated case for quitting and shows why it’s crucial to achieving real success. It will help readers recognize where quitting should be celebrated and how it can become a skill that they can develop and use to enrich their lives.

After the pandemic, many of us are starting to rethink our old habits. Whether you are considering moving away from the city, leaving a job, selling stocks, ending a relationship or just giving up on a plan or project to start something different, QUIT provides a toolkit for change to make better decisions. Packed with refreshing and counter-intuitive stories of when perseverance is the wrong response, this book will give you the tools you need to live your best life.

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