Spiderman: Forever Young. A Novel Of The Marvel Universe by Stefan Petrucha

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Take a swing through SpiderMan’s past in a novel based on the classic “Stone Tablet Saga” with an allnew story for the present day! Broke again and running out of excuses for girlfriend Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker goes looking for trouble, hoping to snag some rentpaying photos of his alter ego in action. But trouble comes to him when the Kingpin and the Maggia converge in a battle for a mysterious tablet! When the fight spills over to Empire State University, Peter finds himself in the crosshairs of not only the city’s most nefarious villains, but also his friends and the police! And when the Maggia’s assumeddead leader resurfaces, it’ll take all of SpiderMan’s wits to track him down! Is Peter’s beloved Aunt May…dying? Can Peter fight off his enemies, save his aunt and graduate from college?

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