The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe by Douglas Adams

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When you believe you are about to be annihilated—because, say, two leaders in charge of nuclear arsenals keep threatening to blow one another up—there are only a few practical decisions left to make. One of them, of course, is where to eat your last meal. Angelenos are in luck, because the news-and-culture website LAist has published a handy&nbsp,list&nbsp,of “The Five Best Last Meals to Eat In L.A. Before A Nuclear Attack.”

What&nbsp,does&nbsp,one eat at the end of the world? Chefs have long played the “Last Supper” game, offering detailed fantasies of what they would consume&nbsp,just before curtains.&nbsp,Anthony Bourdain&nbsp,went with bone marrow and a Guinness,&nbsp,Lidia Bastianich&nbsp,wanted linguine overlooking the Adriatic. In the Douglas Adams novel&nbsp,The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the menu at the title establishment includes a talking cow who&nbsp,wants to be eaten. That restaurant, though, exists at the end of time, whereas&nbsp,many now fear nuclear annihilation could&nbsp,come sooner. Perhaps LAist was fired up by missile expert David Wright’s&nbsp,observation&nbsp,this week&nbsp,that&nbsp,“if what you’re trying to do is hit Los Angeles, that’s a pretty damn big target.”

The LAist list goes for a mix of luxury and comfort food. And why not spend big? Even if you survive a nuclear war, your savings are not going to survive the global economic collapse. Editor&nbsp,Julia Wick&nbsp,suggests a deluxe chef’s choice sushi menu, or, if that’s not your thing, a pasta that “will make you believe in God one last time before humans destroy each other.” She also proposes a taco joint and an all-day-breakfast place near the airport, “just in case you can still catch a flight to Switzerland.” And since this is California, she recommends the double-double at In-n-Out: “Is there a single burger that means more things to more people?” Bon appetit.&nbsp,

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